Office of Virtue
A bureau for our shared humanity

The Office of Virtue

A bureau for our shared humanity


This office is a protest.


This office is a declaration that the world does not have to be the way it has been.

This office knows culture can only be created through participation.

This office believes everyone has value.

This office listens to you.

This office believes in the future you.

This office can be yours.

This office mixes up power dynamics.

This office literally crosses borders.

This office is mobile.

This office is the big picture.

This office knows design can be anything.

This office practices vulnerable professionalism.

This office is a means of survival.

This office knows love is the meaning of life.

Corbin LaMont has been working collaboratively and independently in design for the last ten years. The Office of Virtue is currently a mobile studio that is both at home and a visitor everywhere.

Office Of Virtue
PO BOX 15152
Portland OR 97293